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  • $20+ Million Research Funding Awarded
  • 12+ Applied Wellness Products Evolved from Our Research

We Deliver Proactive Strategies Backed By Science

The Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness (IPAHW) at the UNC Greensboro innovates product development while aiding in the distribution and use of promising research. As the commercialization partner to IPAHW, our goal is to maximize healthy societal impact for young people and organizations utilizing these products.

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Our Research & Development Process

The Back Story: Prevention Strategies + IPAHW

In 2006, with the help of UNC Greensboro, David L. Wyrick, PhD launched Prevention Strategies with his research partners Melodie Fearnow-Kenney, PhD and Cheryl Haworth Wyrick, PhD. David founded the Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness (IPAHW) in 2013.

This research institute is aimed at advancing research in applying the goals of prevention science to improve the well-being of youth, adolescent, and young adult athletes. The mission of IPAHW is to improve the health and well-being of athletes, through the translation of prevention research to effective programs, policies, and practices.

Evidence-based programs can only have meaningful impact if they are effectively taken to scale, implemented with high quality, and sustained over time. Prevention Strategies creates an infrastructure for commercializing and disseminating the behavioral interventions that result from that research.

Our groundbreaking partnership generates trusted solutions vetted by experts within an academic research university infrastructure.

The Role of Prevention Strategies

  • Secure research and development funding provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through application of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) & Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants. These grants are only awarded to for-profit businesses that meet Small Business Administration criteria.
  • Drive broad dissemination and commercialization of products resulting from behavioral intervention research conducted within IPAHW. Evidence-based programs can only have meaningful impact when taken to scale effectively, implemented with high quality, and sustained over time.
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The IPAHW Purpose

  • Support research and development of evidence-based health promotion programs, practices, and policies through externally and self-funded research.
  • Evaluate programs, practices, and policies to effectively improve the health and wellbeing of young people and student-athletes.
  • Disseminate research and evaluation findings.
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Research Driven Alliance Supporting Wellness

The shared goal of Prevention Strategies and IPAHW is to enable advancement of wellness research that produces more effective support resources and programs for young athletes and beyond.

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Engage, Educate, & Empower

We are here to help. Our clients depend on us to develop their young adults, athletes, community and businesses. Whether you are in the initial stages of identifying the health challenge you would like to target, or further along in your programming and ready to formally assess the impact of your efforts, the experienced researchers at Prevention Strategies can help. Let’s explore a partnership today.

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