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Shaping Success, Inspiring Impact

Leaders across higher education face a growing breadth and depth of responsibilities to ensure student success.

College athletic administrators, in particular, are focused on athletic team performance, as well as ensuring their student-athletes succeed academically — all while navigating evolving regulations and cultivating a supportive environment that values diversity, equity, inclusion and student-athlete well-being.

For collegiate administrators at the school or conference level, Student-Athlete VOICE is an online survey tool specifically crafted to evaluate the student-athlete experience, offering valuable insights that can guide decisions supporting student-athlete success and well-being, team and program performance, and overall campus impact.

Developed and delivered by a team 50+ years of experience managing research studies for collegiate athletics, Student-Athlete VOICE provides a user-friendly research solution that is simple to implement and delivers comprehensive data alongside actionable insights.

Why Implement Student-Athlete VOICE?

“One of the greatest needs of any organization in our society is to have data to guide our decision making. Whether Student-Athlete VOICE is done in isolation on a specific campus, or if it’s done collectively across member institutions within a conference, Student-Athlete VOICE is going to provide you with data that brings great value to the student athlete experience and helps you in your process of deciding how to best serve your member institutions and your student athletes.”
—David Wyrick, PhD, president of Prevention Strategies

In this video, hear more from David Wyrick about the ways in which Student-Athlete VOICE brings value to administrators, coaches and students across college campuses.

What to Expect

When you implement Student-Athlete VOICE, you get practical, actionable data and insights on current and continuing student-athletes.
⦁    You get back your anonymous, aggregated data back.
⦁    Your Student-Athlete digital data dashboard allows you to view and filter data, get sport-specific analyses, benchmark against other institutions within a conference and more.

Student-Athlete VOICE is easy to implement at the school or conference level — student-athletes complete the survey in 7-10 minutes on any web-enabled device.
⦁    We manage all the details: IRB approval, recruiting and survey processes, analysis and insights, benchmarking and next steps recommendations.
⦁    We start with a turnkey survey and customize to your needs. You can eliminate any questions and add up to 10 custom questions.


Student-Athlete VOICE covers:

⦁    Academic experience
⦁    Athletic experience
⦁    Campus Belonging
⦁    Demographics
⦁    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
⦁    Name, Image, Likeness (NIL)
⦁    Time Demands
⦁    Well-being
⦁    Custom Questions

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about this powerful tool to support your students and institution? Download this Student-Athlete VOICE Info Sheet (PDF), or Contact Us to schedule a conversation.


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