PhotovoiceKit is a complete web-based toolkit; combining photography, dialogue, photo exhibits, and social action to address the community issues you care about.

PhotovoiceKit has four main learning and project progression components:

Start Here:

Introduction of the photovoice methodology, it’s foundations, social change and examples from previous photovoice efforts are given. Users begin their education of ethics, beginning steps in planning their approach to community change and basic content on some common topic areas (e.g., alcohol, tobacco).


Provides continued training specific to the power and ethics of photography, instructions on the use of PVKit for electronic photo management, and training of next steps within a photovoice effort including: photo missions, visual literacy, selecting and discussing photos, and writing photo captions.

Community Awareness:

Key steps and guidance for preparing for and carrying out a photovoice public exhibit are given.

Taking Action:

Guidance for groups to transition from public photovoice exhibits to activities targeting social change are given in this section. Steps and strategies can be tailored to a variety of topics/issues. Data collection and reporting tools are built in here for local use and national data collection.

What's included?

  • Key lessons for group & facilitator
  • Participant lessons that can be done alone or in groups
  • Interactive / automated lessons that engage the learner for enhanced attention and retention
  • Resources for group leaders and sites
  • Downloadable documents
  • Customizable templates
  • Illustrations from other groups,etc
  • Enhancements such as “Exhibit in a Box”: Ability to print photos and captions on high quality canvas
  • On-line Gallery: Photo gallery space for individuals, groups, topics, etc.Integration with social media for photovoice message dissemination

Engage, Educate, & Empower

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