Prevention Strategies

myPlaybook High School Program

myPlaybook High School

myPlaybook High school is an evidence-based program designed to prevent alcohol and other drug related harm among high school students (not just student-athletes). The program
also comes with a student-athletes component that can be used with students who compete athletically. Funding for the development of myPlaybook High School originally came from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Ongoing enhancement of myPlaybook High School is supported through collaborations with the National Center for Drug Free Sport.

  • The myPlaybook High School Core Program consists of eight lessons
  1. Perceptions of Alcohol and Drug Use Norms
  2. Drugs, the Brain and the Body
  3. Consequences of Alcohol and Other Drug Use
  4. My Anti-Drug: Fun and healthy things to do instead of drugs
  5. Managing Stress
  6. Opting Out: Resisting media and peer influences to use drugs
  7. Getting the Most out of Life
  8. Optional Student-Athlete Lesson
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