Cultivating a Culture of Care & Prevention

Balancing performance expectations, academic responsibilities and social pressures can be overwhelming for many collegiate student-athletes.

By prioritizing their health and well-being through a toolkit of behavioral strategies, we can support and uplift student-athletes — while cultivating a culture of care and prevention throughout the collegiate athletic program.

For collegiate athletic administrators who want to create the best possible student-athlete experience, myPlaybook is an online educational program that promotes student-athlete health and well-being through simple, evidence-based behavioral strategies and life skills addressing topics including alcohol and drug education, sexual violence prevention, and mental health and stress management.

Developed under a rigorous National Institutes of Health grant and in collaboration with the Center for Athlete Well-being at UNC Greensboro and approved to meet NCAA minimum guidelines for drug and sexual violence prevention education, myPlaybook uniquely provides a proven, easy-to-implement solution to help student-athletes thrive.

“Athletics departments are trying their best to create a top notch student athlete experience. Part of that is creating a culture of care that is necessary for those athletes to make healthy decisions… We've had hundreds of athletics departments and thousands of student-athletes already go through it [myPlaybook], and it's been proven to be effective at creating a great experience for the athletes. It provides a space for them to seek care if they need… and to build great relationships with their coaches and other athletic staff.”
—Jeff Milroy, PhD, director of programs, Prevention Strategies

In this video, hear more from Jeff Milroy about the ways in which myPlaybook brings value to collegiate athletic administrators, coaches and student-athletes.

myPlaybook is proven.

⦁    Prevention Strategies has supported more than 400 NCAA schools and over 50,000 student-athletes through the myPlaybook educational online course modules.
⦁    And, an evaluation of myPlaybook among collegiate athletes found it significantly changed social norms and intentions to use harm prevention strategies.

"This is our second year using the myPlaybook platform to provide supplemental alcohol and drug education to our student athletes. We have received positive feedback from our students and greatly value the information they are leaving with after they complete the modules.”
—Brittany Cross, Academic Advisor/Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator

The myPlaybook team provides comprehensive implementation support.

⦁    Choose your course modules, set dates and share rosters — we handle the rest! Our team offers complete implementation support, including learning paths, technical assistance, communication and reminders for your student-athletes.
⦁    Whether you seek alcohol and other drug prevention, sexual violence prevention, or valuable lessons on mental health or even concussion education, we've got you covered.
⦁    The interactive, web-based instructional design provides student-athletes with immediate, personalized feedback and athletic administrators with integrated data collection tools to assess program feedback.

13+ myPlaybook course modules are designed for new and continuing student-athletes and include:

⦁    Alcohol
⦁    Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention (AOD)
⦁    BrainCare: Concussion Education
⦁    Dietary Supplements
⦁    Marijuana
⦁    Performance Enhancing Drugs
⦁    Prescription & OTC Drugs
⦁    Sexual Violence Pevention (CORE)
⦁    Sexual Violence Prevention (CONSENT)
⦁    Sexual Violence Prevention (UPSTANDER STRATEGIES)
⦁    Stress Management
⦁    Tobacco
⦁    Hilinski’s Hope Online Mental Health Course

Athletics departments can select from three myPlaybook packages:

⦁    myPlaybook Single Course – Select a single course module per student-athlete. Most departments selecting this option will select a different course for first-year students than for continuing students.
⦁    myPlaybook Mental Health Package – Access to the myPlaybook Stress Management course module, plus the six-lesson ⦁ Hilinski’s Hope Online Mental Health Course.
⦁    myPlaybook Unlimited Access – Give your student-athletes full access to the myPlaybook course module library. Best value!

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