Dr. Wyrick on Panel at Faculty Athletics Representative Association Annual Meeting


On 03rd November 5:22 by Shane Stadler

Dr. David Wyrick, President of Prevention Strategies and Director of the Institute to Promote Health and Wellness at UNCGreensboro is participating in the panel presentation, “A Membership Wake-Up Call: Outcomes from the NCAA Taskforce on Sleep and Wellness” at the 2017 Faculty Athletics Representative Association annual meeting. Dr. Wyrick serves as FAR at UNCGreensboro and is also a member of the NCAA Task Force on Sleep and Wellness.

The panel will reflect on the work of the Task Force and on steps to support student-athlete sleep and wellness. Included will be taskforce selection and membership, key goals of the taskforce, and various pieces of clinical research that are driving these goals, all in the interest of the effect of sleep on wellness, as well as performance.

Joining Dr. Wyrick on the panel are Justin Berger, a former men’s lacrosse student-athlete from the University at Albany and member of the Task Force and Kensa Gunther, a licensed sports psychologist working with student-athletes on sleep-related issues at NCAA member institutions.

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