David L. Wyrick, Ph.D.,

David L. Wyrick, Ph.D.,


Founding Director and Chief Prevention Officer of the Center for Athlete Well-being

Director of Innovation, UNC Greensboro

Dr. Wyrick is the Director of the Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness, Associate Professor of Public Health Education and Faculty Athletic Representative at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. He is a former NCAA dual sport student-athlete (Basketball & Track and Field; Elon University) which strengthens his passion for promoting health and wellness among athletes. As a prevention scientist, David has extensive experience in research, evaluation, and educational methodologies related to alcohol and other drug prevention and mental health promotion. David has received multiple awards from the National Institute on Health and has over 25 peer reviewed publications. David loves traveling with his wife Cheryl and three daughters Katherine, Caroline and Elizabeth.


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