Providing Athletes with Caring Environments

PACE is web-based dissemination and education platform designed to provide a customized prevention coaching experience for coaches, athletic trainers, and administrators; to support the health, wellness, and safety of athletes.


  • takes a hybrid approach to prevention coaching
    • delivery of traditional web-based educational modules, personal interaction with a prevention coach, and delivery of smaller pieces of content through mobile technologies
  • promotes proactive engagement through an active coaching model
    • invitations, reminders, challenges, and action steps
  • provides a customized experience for each user; meeting them where they are in terms of interest and knowledge as well as allowing them to work/progress at their own pace
  • integrates multiple cutting edge applications to facilitate a living, learning community among users; maximizing learning and implementation
  • aligns best practices with localized data and resources and provides a blueprint for systemic change

Engage, Educate, & Empower

We are here to help. Our clients depend on us to develop their athletes, community and businesses. Whether you are in the initial stages of identifying the health challenge you would like to target, or further along in your programming and ready to formally assess the impact of your efforts, the experienced researchers at Prevention Strategies can help. Let’s explore a partnership today.

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