New Online Well-Being Resource for NCAA Freshman Student-Athletes


On 15th June 2:43 by Shane Stadler

This summer, the NCAA Sport Science Institute will launch myPlaybook: the Freshman Experience, an online educational curriculum designed specifically for freshmen student-athletes to promote student-athlete well-being through healthy behavioral strategies.

This free web-based resource, developed in partnership with the Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, will provide a curriculum of interactive educational modules that support the student-athlete wellness efforts of member schools. Schools can register for myPlaybook: the Freshman Experience and start planning their educational curriculum now by clicking here.

Below is additional information about the Freshman Experience:

What is myPlaybook: the Freshman Experience?

The Freshman Experience is an online, evidence-based curriculum designed to promote student-athlete well-being through healthy behavioral strategies. These interactive web-based modules will employ health promotion strategies such as behavioral expectancies, behavioral intentions, bystander decision making and harm prevention skills. The modules also include personalized feedback, technical assistance and user friendly administrative and data collections tools to facilitate quality program delivery and program assessment.

What topics are included in myPlaybook: the Freshman Experience curriculum?

The Freshman Experience curriculum includes a core module for alcohol, banned and recreational drugs as well as supplemental modules for mental health, sexual violence prevention and time management. Additional modules on sleep wellness, hazing prevention and sport nutrition are expected to be released in the spring of 2018. Athletics departments may choose to take advantage of the entire Freshman Experience educational curriculum or select individual modules from the curriculum that best fit the educational needs at their school.

Who can be enrolled in myPlaybook: the Freshman Experience?

The Freshman Experience is available at no cost to freshman student-athletes at NCAA member schools. While the curriculum is designed specifically for freshmen first-year students, transfer student-athletes may also access the program at no cost. If schools would like to provide the Freshman Experience to upperclassmen student-athletes, they have the option to purchase individual modules from the curriculum.

When will myPlaybook: the Freshman Experience be available?

The four debut modules for the Freshman Experience will be available late summer 2017, however schools may register and begin enrolling student-athletes now by clicking here.

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